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HPMT's history of product innovations, responsible leadership and dedicated commitment to customers and employees stems from the vision of its founder, Khoo Yee Her and Thierry Scheidegger. Together with their firm determinations saw HPMT grew leaps and bounds in just a short period of time.


The birth of HPMT high precision cutting tool business began to take shape with the establishment of Herroz Sdn. Bhd. Trading Company.

Herroz Sdn Bhd 1979
(Left) standing Mr Khoo Yee Her


Khoo Yee Her started trading German’s high precision tools in South East Asia and China. Meantime, he introduced the importance of high performance products during training and sharing the application and tools knowledge to distributors as well as end-users of these regions.

Mr YH Khoo during young time


Thierry Scheidegger, became one of the main shareholder of HPMT and took charge of the European market. Mr. Scheidegger, a former managing director for llix Precision, Germany, carried with him an invaluable experience in the business of precision cutting tool which was a thriving business in Europe at that time.

Mr T. Scheidegger during young time


The holding company MecTech Corporation was established with an investment of USD 200,000 worth of grinding equipment. With the facilities, HPMT embarked on training its tool specialists to reclaim and regrind used cutting tools. The timing was ideal for HPMT to provide a market critically in need of tool regrinding service with the short delivery time.


Invested in Swiss EWAG machines to manufacture customized tools for the electronic and computer components industry in China.

Swiss EWAG machines


To meet continuous growth of new technology in industrial solutions, HPMT started marketing its first line of standard milling tools made from solid carbide using CNC tools, cutters grinder and CNC optical measuring equipment.


Acquired its first owned subsidiary company in Hong kong with a central warehouse set up specially to service the China Market. Started exporting to Asean countries such as Thailand and Philippines.

MTC Toolings System Limited Office


The Sales Division of Shenzhen and Guangzhou was established to cater for industrial solution in these two China regions. Started exporting to France.

HPMT (Shenzhen) Limited Office


HPMT officially began operations in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia with a total of 4 CNC machines.

Installing CNC machines


Relocated to the current headquater in Shah Alam with an area spanning over a land area of 150,000 sq. ft. (13,935m2) which includes the main manufacuring plant and its trading arms.

HPMT HQ under construction


Awarded the internationally acclaimed DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification by TUV CERT for its high quality management system with the constant improvement of its product and service excellence.

The beginning of Western Europe export with the first participation of the EMO Exhibition in Germany.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification by TUV CERT

EMO Exhibition in Germany 2005


An in-house Research and Development Division was established to consistently innovate new tools of high quality, speed and precision.

Technological breakthrough in tool consistency. The start of intelligent manufacturing with the implementation of MRP.

R&D department in discussion


HPMT Germany, a owned subsidiary company in Germany was established to further strengthen HPMT as a major high precision solid carbide cutting tool manufacturer in the European market.

HPMT Deutschland GmbH Office


HPMT Taiwan, a owned subsidiary company in Taiwan was established to cater to the aggressive electronic manufacturing market. HPMT reached 1 million tool capacity.

HPMT Industries Co. Ltd Taiwan Office


HPMT Artoda Indonesia, a owned subsidiary company in Indonesia was established as a trading company complete with basic manufacturing facilities.

PT. HPMT Artoda Indonesia Office