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Our Future of Intelligent Marketing Holds for You



In the near future, a new surge of technological breakthroughs with the metalworking industries will add dynamic challenges to the cutting tool industry. Through these challenges, HPMT is set to create best values through implementation of human-centred design processes into the tool manufacturing scope. Coupled with the vast experience in universal, specialized and customized tools engineering, HPMT is now poised to take the solid carbide precision tool manufacturing to new heights.

To get there, HPMT’s promising future encompasses four main goals.

First, to provide solid carbide solutions through profound understanding of individual industries, combining industrial intelligence and tools to optimize profitability for our customers in the most efficient manner.

Secondly, to offer manufacturing intelligence by integration of critical software and hardware, unique engineering skill, and significant domain knowledge to optimize quality control, operational efficiency, cost containment and data visibility.

Thirdly the setting up of the Training, Research and Development Center of X3cellearn. A learning center to internally cultivate expertise out of HPMT’s human resources and to externally nurture customers & education sector through endless Xploration, Xperimentation and Xcel in new innovation for businesses with ground breaking ideas.

Finally, the possibility of expanding its manufacturing operation to 100 machines to meet future demands.

With this four-fold increase with innovation measures, HPMT will be instrumental in the integration of manufacturing intelligence and industrial intelligence to create a more robust and profitable future for all its business associates and the metalworking world